KFC Watt A Box Lets You Charge Your Phone While Eating Chicken

KFC Watt A Box Lets You Charge Your Phone While Eating Chicken

KFC recently gave its Indian customers a quiz. It was a simple multiple-choice question: “I’m so rundown that I really need _________.” The choices were: 1) More sleep; 2) More chicken; 3) More juice. If, as you’re taking the quiz at home, you can’t decide on only one answer, that’s okay. In response to the answers it received, the fast food chain developed an innovation to help solve two problems at once. For a limited time, select KFC patrons can buy a combo box that not only provides nourishment, but also two extra charges for a smartphone.


The new 5-in-1 meal box is called Watt A Box. The 5-in-1 has become a standard part of KFC’s menu. It allows customers to match two types of chicken with a drink, side dish, and dessert. The new packaging still has room for all of that, in addition to a built-in power bank. The power bank is removable and includes slots for both micro-USB cables and Lightning cables. This means customers with both Androids and iPhones can enjoy the extra charge. It also comes with a spare cable for each type of smartphone, further ensuring that customers can put the boxes to good use.


Based on testing, the power banks are not living up to their promised power. When used by an iPhone 5 user, the smartphone only recharged 17% during a 30-minute period. When a similar test was performed on a Redmi Note 3, the phone gained only 7% charge. In both cases, the removable power bank was charged to 100% before being used to recharge the smartphones. While the reusable product leaves a bit to be desired, it still allows people a chance to enjoy a little more screen time while gorging on fried chicken. KFC has not announced how long the limited time offer will last. Currently, only stores in Mumbai and Delhi are offering the Watt A Box. If you don’t live in either of those cities, random followers of KFC India’s Facebook page will be selected to receive a special limited edition 5-in-1 box.

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