What's New on HBO Max in August 2021

What's New on HBO Max in August 2021

Screenshot: The Suicide Squad/Warner Bros. Pictures

It’s been about five years since the release of Suicide Squad, the DC Extended Universe’s attempt to make a “funny” superhero film in response to the success of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. That didn’t exactly work—though the film made bank, director David Ayer objected to the studio’s attempt to lighten the tone of what he’d already made through editing, so Warner Bros. responded by straight up hiring GotG’s James Gunn to make the not-quite-a-sequel, which launches on HBO Max on August 5.

I have no dog in this fight (I haven’t seen Ayer’s movie or read any of the comics), but I have to admit the trailer for Gunn’s take, which is packed end-to-end with cartoonish mayhem and features some of the weirdest anti-heroes to appear onscreen this side of The Tick, looks pretty dang good.

That’s not the only simultaneous theatrical/HBO Max premiere to look forward to in August; we’re also getting Reminiscence (August 20), a Hugh Jackman-starring sci-fi thriller in which the former X-Man plays “a private investigator of the mind.”

It’s a good month for TV series too, with the premieres of a new urban streetwear-based reality competition show in The Hype (Aug. 12), a hilariously titled reality dating show in FBoy Island (Aug. 12), and season 2 of The Other Two, the funniest new series from 2020.

Here’s the list of everything coming to (and leaving) HBO Max in August 2021. Titles with (HBO) next to them are available on HBO and HBO Max; everything else is exclusive to HBO Max.

Everything coming to (and leaving) HBO Max in August 2021

Arriving on HBO Max in August

Arriving August 1

2 Days in the Valley, 1996 (HBO)9/11: Fifteen Years Later, 2016A Mighty Wind, 2003 (HBO)A Walk Among the Tombstones, 2014 (HBO)The Accidental Spy, 2002 (HBO)The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, 2005 (HBO)Americano, 2017 (HBO)Anna to the Infinite Power, 1982 (HBO)Backtrack, 2016 (HBO)Basic Instinct, 1992 (HBO)Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction, 2006 (HBO) (Extended Version)Best in Show, 2000 (HBO)Betrayal at Attica, 2021The Betrayed, 2008 (HBO)The Birdcage, 1996 (HBO)Black Death, 2010 (HBO)Blue Ruin, 2014 (HBO)Brown Sugar, 2002 (HBO)Changeling, 2008 (HBO)Chasing Mavericks, 2012 (HBO)Collateral, 2004 (HBO)Constantine, 2005Deep Cover, 1992 (HBO)The Devil’s Double, 2011 (HBO)Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, 1988 (HBO)Dolphin Tale, 2011 (HBO)The Double, 2014 (HBO)Empire of the Sun, 1987The End, 1978 (HBO)Envy, 2004 (HBO)Epic, 2013 (HBO)Extranjero (Foreigner), 2018 (HBO)For Your Consideration, 2006 (HBO)Freejack, 1992 (HBO)The Fugitive, 1993Ghosts of Mississippi, 1996The Great Gatsby, 1974 (HBO)The Great Gatsby, 2013 (HBO)Gun Shy, 2017 (HBO)Hangman, 2017 (HBO)Heaven Can Wait, 1978 (HBO)Hitchcock, 2012 (HBO)Horror of Dracula, 1958How to Deal, 2003 (HBO)Hudson Hawk, 1991Humpday, 2009 (HBO)Imperium, 2016 (HBO)Inception, 2010Joe, 2014 (HBO)Johnny English Reborn, 2011 (HBO)Julia, 2009 (HBO)Last Action Hero, 1993The Lincoln Lawyer, 2011Malcolm X, 1992Man Down, 2016 (HBO)The Man in the Iron Mask, 1998 (HBO)Mean Streets, 1973Mr. Soul!, 2018New in Town, 2009 (HBO)Nobody Walks, 2012 (HBO)Nurse 3D, 2013 (HBO)One Hour Photo, 2002 (HBO)The Out-of-Towners, 1999 (HBO)Popeye, 1980 (HBO)The Pope of Greenwich Village, 1984 (HBO)The Prince, 2014 (HBO)The Reader, 2008 (HBO)Red, 2008 (HBO)Red Riding Hood, 2011Requiem for a Dream, 2000Scary Movie, 2000The Score, 2001 (HBO)Sex and the City, 2008Sex and the City 2, 2010The Shawshank Redemption, 1994Spawn, 1997The Spirit, 2008 (HBO)The Square, 2017 (HBO)Stand and Deliver, 1988 (HBO)Tango & Cash, 1989Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, 2006Thirteen Ghosts, 2001Vice, 2015 (HBO)War, 2007 (HBO)Woodstock (Director’s Cut), 1994You’ve Got Mail, 1998

Arriving August 2

Small Town News: KPVM Pahrump, Documentary Series Finale (HBO)

Arriving August 3

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, 1993Obama: In Pursuit of a More Perfect Union, Documentary Premiere (HBO)

Arriving August 5

Furry Friends Forever: Elmo Gets A Puppy, Max Original Special PremiereThe Suicide Squad, Warner Bros. Film Premiere, 2021

Arriving August 6

Sin Aliento (Breathless), 2020 (HBO)

Arriving August 7

Arriving August 8

Arriving August 10

Hard Knocks ‘21: Dallas Cowboys, Reality Series Premiere (HBO)

Arriving August 12

FBOY Island, Max Original Season FinaleThe Hype, Max Original Series PremiereTitans, Max Original Season 3 Premiere

Arriving August 14

Jurassic Park, 1993 (HBO)Jurassic Park III, 2001 (HBO)The Lost World: Jurassic Park, 1997 (HBO)

Arriving August 15

The White Lotus, Limited Series Finale (HBO)

Arriving August 16

Hard, Season 3 Premiere (HBO)Top Gear, Season 29

Arriving August 17

Godzilla vs. Kong, 2021 (HBO)

Arriving August 19

Eyes on the Prize: Hallowed Ground, Max Original Documentary Special PremiereLooney Tunes Cartoons Back to School Special, Max Original Special PremiereMarlon Wayans: You Know What It Is, Max Original Special PremiereSweet Life: Los Angeles, Max Original Series Premiere

Arriving August 20

Half Brothers, 2020 (HBO)Reefa, 2021 (HBO)Reminiscence, Warner Bros. Film Premiere, 2021

Arriving August 22

100 Foot Wave, Documentary Series Finale (HBO)San Andreas, 2015

Arriving August 24

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (HBO)Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy, 2021

Arriving August 25

Lincoln: Divided We Stand, 2021

Arriving August 26

The Other Two, Max Original Season 2 Premiere

Arriving August 28

Magic Mike XXL, 2015 (HBO)

What’s leaving HBO Max in August

Leaving August 5

The Windsors: Inside the Royal Dynasty, 2019

Leaving August 11

A Mermaid’s Tale, 2017Against the Wild 2: Survive the Serengeti, 2016Against The Wild, 2014Alpha & Omega 5: Family Vacation, 2015Alpha & Omega: Dino Digs, 2016Blue Valentine, 2010Earth Girls Are Easy, 1989The Escape Artist, 1982 Hecho En Mexico, 2012Jennifer Lopez Dance Again, 2016La Mujer de Mi Hermano, 2005Leapfrog Letter Factory Adventures: Amazing Word Explorers, 2015Leapfrog Letter Factory Adventures: Counting on Lemonade, 2014Leapfrog Letter Factory Adventures: The Letter Machine Rescue Team, 2014Love and Sex, 2000Mistress, 1992Mother’s Day, 2012Tender Mercies, 1983The Men Who Stare at Goats, 2009Turtle Tale, 2018

Leaving August 14

Leapfrog: Numberland, 2012Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans, 2019

Leaving August 15

Joker, 2019 (HBO)Space Jam: A New Legacy, 2021

Leaving August 27

Dead Silence, 2007 (HBO)White Noise, 2005 (HBO)

Leaving August 29

Assault on Precinct 13, 2005 (HBO)

Leaving August 30

Leaving August 31

54: The Director’s Cut, 1998 (HBO)40 Days and 40 Nights, 2002, (HBO)A Cinderella Story, 2004A Cinderella Story: If The Shoe Fits, 2016A Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song, 2011Alpha and Omega: The Great Wolf Games, 2014 (HBO)The American President, 1995Another Cinderella Story, 2008Astro Boy, 2009 (HBO)August Rush, 2007Babe, 1995 (HBO)Babe: Pig in the City, 1998 (HBO)The Barkleys of Broadway, 1949Barnyard, 2006 (HBO)Barry Lyndon, 1975Battle for Terra, 2009 (HBO)The Bay, 2012 (HBO)Be Cool, 2005 (HBO)Beverly Hills Cop, 1984 (HBO)Beverly Hills Cop II, 1987 (HBO)Beverly Hills Cop III, 1994 (HBO)Beyond the Sea, 2004 (HBO)Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, 1991 (HBO)Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, 1989 (HBO)Billy Elliot, 2000 (HBO)Black Hawk Down, 2001Blade, 1998Blade Runner: The Final Cut, 2007Blow, 2001The Bonfire of the Vanities, 1990Bright Young Things, 2004 (HBO)Butter, 2012 (HBO)Cannery Row, 1982Capricorn One, 1978 (HBO)Carefree, 1938Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, 2005City of God, 2003 (HBO)City Slickers, 1991 (HBO)City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly’s Gold, 1994Clifford, 1994 (HBO)Closer, 2004Code 46, 2004 (HBO)Cold Creek Manor, 2003 (HBO)Cold Mountain, 2003Countdown, 1968The Crow, 1994 (HBO)The Crow: City of Angels, 1996 (HBO)The Crow: Wicked Prayer, 2006 (HBO)Daddy Day Care, 2003Dave, 1993The Dirty Dozen, 1967Dream House, 2011 (HBO)Eight Legged Freaks, 2002El Chata (The Sparring Partner), 2019 (HBO)Freddy vs. Jason, 2003Free Willy, 1993Free Willy: The Adventure Home, 1995Free Willy: Escape from Pirate’s Cove, 2010Free Willy 3: The Great Rescue, 1997Frequency, 2000Get Shorty, 1995 (HBO)Gone, 2012 (HBO)The Hard Way, 1991 (HBO)Harry and the Hendersons, 1987 (HBO)Heidi, 2005The High Note, 2020 (HBO)The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, 2012Home Alone 4, 2002 (HBO)Home Alone: The Holiday Heist, 2012 (HBO)Hudson Hawk, 1991The Hundred-Foot Journey, 2014 (HBO)Innerspace, 1987Inside Moves, 1980 (HBO)The Interview, 2014Jack The Giant Slayer, 2013Jackie Brown, 1997Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer, 2011 (HBO)The Last Exorcism, 2012 (Extended Version) (HBO)Lay the Favorite, 2012 (HBO)Let’s Go to Prison, 2006 (HBO)Life is Beautiful, 1998 (HBO)Live by Night, 2016 (HBO)Logan’s Run, 1976Lolita, 1962Look Who’s Talking, 1989Malice, 1993 (HBO)Man on a Ledge, 2012 (HBO)Menace II Society, 1993Miss Congeniality, 2000Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous, 2005Monkey Trouble, 1994Mr. Nanny, 1993National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, 1989National Lampoon’s European Vacation, 1985National Lampoon’s Vacation, 1983No Eres Tu Soy Yo, 2011Ocean’s 11, 1960The Omega Man, 1971On Golden Pond, 1981 (HBO)On Moonlight Bay, 1951Osmosis Jones, 2001Our Brand Is Crisis, 2015 (HBO)Over the Hedge, 2006 (HBO)Parental Guidance, 2012 (HBO)Pathfinder, 2007 (Director’s Cut) (HBO)The People vs. Larry Flynt, 1996Pinocchio, 2012Point Blank, 1967Popstar, 2005Prometheus, 2012 (HBO)PT 109, 1963Replicas, 2019 (HBO)Running on Empty, 1988Ruta Viva, 2018 (HBO)Saw, 2004 (Extended Version) (HBO)Saw II, 2005 (Director’s Cut) (HBO)Saw III, 2006 (Director’s Cut) (HBO)Saw IV, 2007 (Director’s Cut) (HBO)Saw V, 2008 (Director’s Cut) (HBO)Saw VI, (Director’s Cut) (HBO)Saw: The Final Chapter, 2010 (Director’s Cut) (HBO)Shall We Dance, 1937Sherlock Holmes, 2009Sinbad: Beyond the Veils of Mist, 2000 (HBO)Sling Blade, 1996 (HBO)Some Came Running, 1958South Central, 1992Spies Like Us, 1985Spooky Buddies, 2011 (HBO)Steel, 1997Still of the Night, 1982 (HBO)Striptease, 1996Stuart Little, 1999Stuart Little 2, 2002The Stunt Man, 1979 (HBO)Summer Catch, 2001Sweet November, 2001Swimfan, 2002 (HBO)The Tank, 2017 (HBO)This Must Be The Place, 2012 (HBO)Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, 2005The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, 1948Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, 1997 (HBO)Twister, 1996Un 4to de Josue, 2018 (HBO)Unforgettable, 2017 (HBO)Unlocking the Cage, 2017 (HBO)Vegas Vacation, 1997Wanderlust, 2012 (HBO)Wedding Crashers, 2005Within, 2016 (HBO)Wolves at the Door, 2017 (HBO)The Year of Living Dangerously, 1983


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