12 Picturesque Waterfalls You Can Visit Without a Passport

12 Picturesque Waterfalls You Can Visit Without a Passport

Havasu Falls in Supai, Ariz.

Photo: By Juancat (Shutterstock)

Arizona is known as a dry, hot land-locked desert state (among other things), but as a state with crystal blue lagoons and falls? Not so much. So I was surprised to find one of the most beautiful pools of water sits in Supai, Ariz. Havasu Falls is located on the Native Havasupai Reservation in a remote location that can only be accessed with a permit and a night’s stay on the campground or lodge in the Supai Village. Be prepared for a high-intensity and challenging hike to the falls; bring your own water and snacks because you will be on the trail for four hours.

While on your adventure, you’ll see three glorious falls: Lower Navajo, which is 50 feet tall and cascades down the two smaller Havasu Falls into a gorgeous turquoise pool. Unfortunately, since COVID-19 is still a risk, the Havasu Falls will remain closed until 2022. But people come from all over the world to see these falls, which means scoring a permit is hard, so it’s not a bad idea to start planning now for next year.

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