7 of the Best Subscription Services for Kids

7 of the Best Subscription Services for Kids
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Okay, let’s talk toys—but not toys you keep. With a toy-sharing service, your child essentially borrows a toy (or four) each month. They play with them, they return them, they get different toys. As I wrote in this piece, there are several benefits to trying a toy-sharing subscription:

The cost to rent the toys is cheaper than outright buying them.
It’s a chance to try out toys you might not want to fully invest in.Less giant plastic waste in our landfills.You can target their developmental age for educational toys that are perfect for them right now.They get mail! Everyone loves getting mail!If they get totally hooked on a particular toy, you can still purchase it.

And now, in particular, as we face the long, isolating winter ahead, switching out a toy or two for something fresh each month might be just what our kids need to keep things interesting. If you’re worried about sharing toys while we’re still in the pandemic, however, most toy-sharing companies have information on their websites about the extra sanitization processes they’ve put in place to keep customers safe.

Right now, Toy Library has a deal for $12.50 per month for two toys of your choice. Green Piñata is quite a bit pricier at $24.99 per month, but your child gets up to four toys per box.

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