World Sauntering Day 2021: A Day To Slowdown And Enjoy Sauntering

World Sauntering Day 2021: A Day To Slowdown And Enjoy Sauntering

The World Sauntering Day reminds everyone to slowdown for a day and take it easy. Sauntering is just a way of taking a leisurely walk. On June 19, remember not to rush and smell the roses, and that's the best way to celebrate World Sauntering Day! Amid the Covid pandemic, many of us have been working from home but that does not mean we have slowed down. Most of us still rush with our daily routine. Experts suggest, slowing down sometimes is also good for our mental health. 

Here's how you can celebrate World Sauntering Day: 

Celebrating the World Sauntering Day is all about relaxation. You can saunter alone or with friends but do remember to wear your face mask and avoid crowded areas. The day gives everyone a chance to roam freely and wander around.

Go for stroll in the neighbourhood park.If your work place is close by, instead to driving or hopping on to a bus saunter back home.During the lunch break, saunter to the nearest coffee shopEncourage friends to slow down and appreciate what is around them instead of a brisk walk

How the World Sauntering Day started

World Sauntering Day began in 1979 in the United States. The idea of sauntering was promoted by WT Rabe, a publicist, in response to jogging and brisk walk. The idea behind marking a sauntering day was to encourage people to slowdown and appreciate the world around them and connect with nature. The event is said to have started at Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in Michigan.

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